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Family Support Services

Below is a list of family support services and resources available to Minnesota residents. offers information on affording childcare, including scholarship information. You can also find information on food and nutrition programs like SNAP, WIC, and emergency food resources.

MN Housing offers information on housing and shelter assistance, including links to more Minnesota benefits programs

Child Care Assistance Program also known as CCAP, provides information on applying for and eligibility requirements for childcare assistance.

Economic supports, cash and food MN DHS program overview. These programs link counties, tribes and other partners who provide economic assistance for qualifying families, helping Minnesotans go to or look for work, or attend school.

Milestones Since 1977, Milestones, formerly known as Child Care Choices, has provided leadership and support for child care excellence. We have broadened our reach and now offer guidance, support, expertise and resources to parents, grandparents, child care providers, early childhood educators and the community as a whole to ensure we make the best decisions about the young children in our lives.

Help Me Grow MN Help Me Grow provides resources for families to understand developmental milestones and learn if there are concerns. This helps families take the lead in seeking additional support or referring their child for a comprehensive, confidential screening or evaluation at no cost.

Center For Inclusive Childcare also known as CCIC, provides resources and strategies to help parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors caring for young children.

MN Department of Human Services To see what help is available to you and your family, look for programs available to eligible Minnesotans.

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