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Developing a Love of Reading

Helping young children develop a love of reading at an early age has many benefits, including:

  • Expanding their vocabulary

  • Building imagination

  • Language and literacy skills

  • Communication skills

  • Improved focus and memory

  • Bonding between child and caregiver

The best time to start reading to your children is now. Read often, and encourage your child to read independently as well.

If you and your children do not read as often as you would like, or at all, here are some very easy ways to add reading into your daily routine:

  • Bedtime

  • After dinner

  • While children are bathing

  • In the waiting room at a doctor/dentist appointment

  • During breakfast

  • Outside in a cozy hammock

At Oak Ridge Nature School, we love books, books about nature, books about dinosaurs, being a big sibling, and so much more.

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Some of our favorite books include:

There are many ways you can bring a wide variety of books into your home for little to no cost as well, such as:

If your child is still very young and learning how to properly handle books, offer them board books in an easy to reach area. This gives them the freedom to access books without damaging the pages of other books kept higher up on shelves.

"What of my child doesn't sit through books?"

That's okay! Make it fun. Point out the pictures in the books, ask them if they can find different letters, colors, or animals on each page. Let them make up their own story as they turn the pages.

These are all great activities to help strengthen a child's attention, communication skills, and especially their bond with you.

Do you have any favorite books you love to read with your children?

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